Our Story

Our Story is brief and begins in April 2020. 

April 2020: After previously working to improve the online presence of several Cotswold breweries, it became clear online sales were to be vital for local breweries in the future. This was confirmed and emphasised by COVID-19 and the issues surrounding lock down and pub closures. An idea came to me (Quinn, Co-Founder of QWERTY Beer Box) of creating a 'Best of the Cotswolds' beer hamper which would help support my local breweries and allow people unable to travel to pubs to access great tasting local craft beer.

May 2020: I mustered local knowledge, craft beer passion and industry insights, to put together a collection of the best Cotswolds beers. With the help of my sister, and her talent for graphic design, the QWERTY Beer Box branding was created, and after spending some time writing tasting notes and hand spraying boxes, the first QWERTY Beer Box was born. I set off on my bike with a mission to bring these local gems to curious beer drinkers across the Cotswolds. Over the first 2 weeks I cycled 350km, as well as seeing some serious aerobic fitness improvements, I sold a good few QWERTY Beer Boxes and I realised that this was something people really wanted. 

June 2020: Thinking I was onto a good thing, I wanted to take this a step further by offering QWERTY Beer Boxes nationally. Helpful logistics companies allowed this to become a reality and to date we have sent collections of Cotswolds beer to Belfast, London and even the Shetland Islands. Around this time I also sought the help of my good friend Niki. An all round good bloke and beer lover, he jumped aboard and we set our sights on enhancing the QWERTY Beer Box experience. We launched this site and set about creating our QWERTY Club, a service enabling people to receive monthly collections of the best regional craft beers. Thats where we are currently, but we have big plans for the future! 

July 2020: We pitched for and received funding from our friends at the University of Exeter Student Startup team and this helped us improve our website and get our QWERTY Beer Box printed! This saved us a lot of time and meant we could travel around Devon to do some taste tasting! 

August 2020: We launched our awesome Best of Devon QWERTY Beer Box! This championed 8 independent Devon breweries and gave us the road trip of a lifetime! Our trusty hire car 'Stacey' pulled us through and transported the good stuff back up to our Cotswolds HQ. In mid-August we also had the pleasure of featuring on BBC Devon and Gloucestershire and were able to shout about about passion for local, authentic and independently brewed craft beer.  

September 2020: We got the opportunity to speak with our local organic brewery owner Greg Pilley of Stroud Brewery and featured him in our first ever monthly newsletter! With pubs back in full swing we were also able to sample countless beer and got the taste for a 3rd regional collection...

October 2020: Watch this space