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3 Rules For The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift 

Everyone knows its difficult getting gifts for certain people - especially gifts for Dad or a future son-in-law who you haven't yet met properly. However have no fear, we've spent time speaking with our customers and looking at the data available from our latest survey to give you a few pointers so you can hear those special words ‘wow - thank you what a great gift! You’re the best (insert relationship to gift recipient here) ever!’. 

There are 3 key areas required to give a good gift. These include: 

  • Being Attentive
  • Get Personal 
  • Let’s Get Creative

Lets dive into which each of these mean and you’ll be gifting top notch gifts in no time at all! 

Being Attentive: 

Whoever you’re looking to gift, have a think about what sort of hobbies they get up to. If it’s a Mum or a Dad do they enjoy a cycle (bike related gifts), a DIY conquests (tools), sipping refreshing craft beer (beer gift) or maybe they’re big into their live music (gig tickets) or nights in with the family (board games). 

But what are you able to get that they wouldn’t get for themselves. Is there anything out there that is both useful and surprising AND can be bought within your budget? 

TOP TIP: Quinn likes to keep a note on his phone of great potential gifts for certain members of his friends and family. Have an idea when walking through town? Jot it down - when it comes to gifting season it could be your saving grace!  


Get Personal: 

Because of your new found attentiveness you now know what your lucky recipients likes / wants. However now it’s time to dig a little deeper and think outside of the box. Is there anything that someone else wouldn’t think to get them? Everybody person may complain about a hole in their sock once in a while, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a pair of socks would make a ‘personal’ gift… Making a gift personal shows you care and that you’ve properly thought about the gift for them.


Let’s Get Creative: 

Now for some flare. You’ve figured out what they want, you’ve found a personal niche which you’re going to jump on - now how can you make it truly unique? Think personalisation, gift messages, custom packaging etc. Here at QWERTY we’ve found this last stage to be absolutely crucial in ensuring the recipient knows they feel appreciated and increasing the meaningfulness of the gift.


The Perfect Gift - Useful Vs Surprise Graphic: 

The Perfect Gift - Useful Vs Surprise Graphic:


Bring these three aspects together and you’re onto a winner! To help with finalising the decisions for the gift for the next Birthday or Christmas present for that special someone use this Useful Vs Surprise graphic (above) to plot your gift idea - where does it lie? Not in the top right with the ‘gifts that keeps on giving’, try thinking about the 3 pillars 'attentiveness, personal preferences and creativity’. 

Here at QWERTY Beer Box you’ll be surprised to hear what we think is a pretty spot on gift for any beer lovers out there, but we’ll not dwell on that. The final thing is to make sure your amazingly thought out gift arrives in time! Unsure if it will make it? TOP TIP: Don’t get caught short, bite the bullet and go for next day delivery (especially if near Christmas or another gifting event) - you won’t regret it! 

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