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Our Mission

Allowing people to experience local craft beers from all across the country.


Our mission is to champion British craft beer and make it more accessible through 6 steps that we like to call the QWERTY Beer Box Cycle. We aim to do this by exploring as many different breweries as possible, in order to create a hamper filled with the best regional beers for curious customers just like you. 

This not only looks to bring collections of the best, undiscovered and unique beers to customers, but allows local brewers to reach customers normally unaccessible.  



The Problem we encountered: Local breweries across the UK have never been more isolated 

According to SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, 74% of small breweries, sell less than 20% of their beer further than 40 miles away. This is a worrying trend and one that is set to accelerate in the future.  

QWERTY Beer Box are reversing this trend, and step by step aim to champion great beers from across the country giving them the national stage they deserve.

Craft Vs Crafty
One of the main drivers of local breweries isolation is the increasing domination of 'crafty beers'. Manufactured in bulk by some of the largest alcohol brewers in the world, these organisations use extensive branding and advertising to fool unknowing consumers into purchasing fake craft beers. 

Their national distribution and aggressive expansion in recent years has blocked authentic craft beers from the hands of more distant beer fans and restricted the reach of smaller brewers. Brewers have been restricted to the confines of their home county and this is wrong.

If you're making a cracking beer, we want to know about it. QWERTY Beer Box wants to champion these great independent craft brewers and allow people from far and wide to enjoy their creation. We're going to do this by travelling the country, meeting brewers and putting together regional collections of the best beers we find. If this sounds like something you want to get involved in, please head over to our QWERTY Club on 'The Beers' tab.