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Birthday Beer Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a unique and fun gift for a beer lover on their birthday, you can't go wrong with a happy birthday beer gift! QWERTY Beer Box offers a wide selection of beer gifts, including regionally focused and beer type focused hampers, as well as personalised beer glasses, beer tasting notes, snacks and QWERTY Beer Box merchandise. We pride ourselves on providing unique and high-quality gifts that are perfect for beer lovers of all levels - from craft connoisseurs to first time beer drinkers, we have something for all! 

Are you on the lookout for a craft beer related gift? Here are a few of our favourite beer gift ideas out there:

  • Beer Gift Hampers

Does the lucky recipient enjoy a certain beer type, a traditional real ale hamper, or a lager lover? Perhaps they’re big fans of beer from a certain region? At QWERTY Beer Box we have regional hampers from all over - our 3 most popular regional craft beer hamper gifts are our Best of London Hamper, Best of the Cotswolds and our Best of Cornwall craft beer hamper. We specialise in independent beer gifts so you can trust us to put a smile on the face of the receiver! 

Pale Ale Beer Gift

  • Beer Tasting Subscription

For the beer lover who enjoys trying new brews, a beer tasting subscription is a perfect birthday gift. You can specify their preferences and we’ll select beer hampers that they’re bound to enjoy on a monthly basis. Each month's hamper includes a tasting guide to guide you through the specific beers and lead you on your craft beer journey experience! The perfect long lasting birthday gift for beer connoisseur. Not sure which beer type they're into? Why not get let them decide with the QWERTY Beer Box Gift Voucher. 

  • Bespoke Beer Glass

One of the best ways to make a birthday gift extra special is by giving a gift of an experience that will be remembered. With a bespoke QWERTY Beer Box beer tasting glass not only will they enjoy drinking their favourite brews out of these glasses, but they'll also have a keepsake to remember their birthday for years to come. Whats more, another reason why this beer glass is a unique birthday gift for any beer lover is that they won’t be able to find it in any pubs or supermarkets that they stumble across. 

  • QWERTY Beer Box Merch

Think their wardrobe would be upgraded? Why not get them the ultimate craft beer t-shirt so they can take their craft beer tasting experience to the next level? Highly durably, fast drying, dark (to mark any spillages) and QWERTY Beer Box branded - we think this T-shirt rocks - so much so that QWERTY Beer Box Co-Founder Niki and Quinn wear theirs every day! ;-) 

In conclusion, a happy birthday beer gift is a fun and unique way to celebrate a beer lover's special day. Whether you choose a pale ale beer hamper, beer tasting subscription or even a fresh new T we hope you choose QWERTY Beer Box to deliver the goods! Happy gifting!

QWERTY Beer Box T-shirt Beer Gift

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