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QWERTY Beer Box Roadtrip through Devon

With Co-founder Quinn being an Exeter University graduate and given Devon's phenomenal craft beer scene it was only a question of time until the QWERTY boys created a Best of Devon QWERTY Beer Box.

So we drove through Devon in early August visiting Devon's best craft beer breweries (and some beaches). We were supposed to rent a van since we needed to transport a big load of beer but unfortunately our rental was cancelled last minute - luckily we found 'Stacy', a three-wheeled Toyota Prius+ with serious character. After changing the broken tyre I headed down to the Cotswolds to pick up Quinn. From there we drove down to Exeter and visited all the 8 breweries within a day and picked up our beers. It was amazing to meet the brewers, try their beers and understand how they managed the last couple of months.

The next day we did a big bike tour from Exeter cycling down to Exmouth, where we visited some pubs, had a dip in the sea, took some quality content shots and watched the mighty Chelsea lose to Arsenal in the FA Cup Final.

After visiting Falmouth on Sunday we drove back to Gloucestershire in a very overloaded Prius with all the beers (very scary!) and started to pack our QWERTY Beer Boxes. This Best of Devon Box is the first selection that comes in our new personalised packaging.

There is a lot about our trip on our social media already but check out the highlights of our trip in the video below.

Niki -  Co-Founder

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