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Shagweaver - North Cotswolds Brewery: October Beer of the Month

QWERTY Beer Box October ‘Beer of the Month’ Shagweaver by the North Cotswolds Brewery

Shagweaver North Cotswolds Brewery Beer of the month North Cotswolds Family Business

Shagweaver is one of North Cotswolds Brewery's most popular beers and no wonder! This hoppy bitter is a true fan pleaser and perfect to drink on its own or alongside any spicy meal. More so, the delicately balanced finish appeals to lager and ale drinkers alike and its moderate 4.5% ABV makes it sessionable all week round. 

The Holiday Family (seen in the image above) took over the brewery in 2011 and have steadily grown the converted milk parlour from producing one regular ale to four, plus lots of exciting seasonal brews. North Cotswolds Brewery has always been a family affair and son, Joe, now leads the brewing, with parents Sandra and Guy heading up sales and operations. As seen with the Buckland Brewers last month, QWERTY Beer Box loves a family business and the North Cotswolds team over in Warwickshire won ‘Best Family-Run Craft Brewery’ in their region last year. 
North Cotswolds Converted Milk Parlour

Lastly we know what you’re thinking. ‘Wow Shagweaver, what a name, where did they get that from?’. We wouldn’t want to deprive you of this tidbit of knowledge, so we spoke to owner Sandra and she explained that unfortunately the name meaning isn't as cheeky as it sounds, but came from the breweries close proximity to Shipston, a historic wool town, and an old English translation where Shagweaver literally means ‘wool weaver’. Still very interesting and epitomises authentic cotswolds craft beer! 

Want to get your hands on a Shagweaver and a taste of the Fosse? Shagweaver features in our ‘Best of the Cotswolds’ craft beer kit, alongside 7 other cracking local beers, and on North Cotswolds Website.  

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