Valentine's Day 2024 Insights

We know Valentine's Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea - but come February 14th, some pretty interesting stuff happens in the Western world. Here are 5 UK specific insights we found interesting: 

1) Vs other Western countries, the UK over-indexes for the number of people gifting their partner alcohol as valentines day gifts (17% in the UK Vs 2-4% in Spain, Italy & Spain) 🍻 

2) 55% of people in the UK either 'Love' or are 'Happy' about Valentine's Day 💌

3) Going out for dinner is the most common way to celebrate 🍽️

4) Women expect to spend £114 on the event, whilst men expect to spend £132 💰

5) 1-3 weeks before Valentine's Day is the most common time people purchase a gift for their partner (today we're 3 weeks away) ⏰

Petty interesting right?! These insights have been gathered by Groupon - the international retailer (full article here). If you're on the look out for a Valentine's Day gift for him or a beer lover in your life check out out our specific Valentine’s Day Gift store


Our Valentine's Day Showstopper - 'The Beer Gift For Him' 🤩  

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The inclusive independent craft beer tasting experience offered by the Craft Beer Gift Hamper is an unrivalled valentines beer box and costs just £16.90. 

Whether you're wanting a little gift to say thank you to the beer lover in your life or something special to drink alongside a homemade meal - this hamper does it all! If you want to upgrade we also offer the Big Daddy Premium Hamper with 10 Pale Ale's - the perfect valentines hamper for him. 

Thank you for reading! However you choose to spend February the 14th we hope you have a cracker! 

Quinn & Niki
QWERTY Beer Box Co-Founders