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Your Perfect Father's Day?

It’s June, the sun is shining, Covid restrictions are set to be lifted on the 21st and the world is looking up. For those of us lucky enough to still have our Dads in our lives, we also know that this means Father’s Day is just around the corner.

To hear more from these everyday hero’s, the Dads of lockdown, we’re launching our #QWERTYDadChats campaign discussing fatherhood, lockdown and go-to tipples with Dad’s all over the country.

These take the form of 10 minute online micro chats, and to kick it off – here’s the interview on the topic with Co-Founder Quinn's Dad. If you’re a Dad or know someone who is who’d be keen to discuss these topics over a beer, please get in touch with us at qwertybeerbox@gmail.com and we’d love to hear from them (there may even be some free beer in it...). Cheers!  

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Q1: What’s the best thing about being a Dad? 

  • Dad: Difficult one to answer, as there's lots of different stages, from children, to teenagers, to then seeing them prosper as adults and use the tips I have given them to go into adulthood. 
  • Quinn: If you had to give just one favourite part. 
  • Dad: I would say my favourite bit has been when they’re very young, going out with your children and teaching them, a great thing for a father to do with his kids.

Q2: What has the worst part been?

  • Dad: When they talk back to you and they think they know better than you.

Q3: In a non-Covid World, what would your dream Father’s Day look like?

  • Dad: First, I would have my bare feet in the sand. Secondly I like to be hot. So, not just my feet in a bag of sand, but abroad preferably and on a big table next to the sea. With my bare feet in the sand and eating a great big octopus. 
  • Quinn: What about your children? Does it involve anything about them or is it just you at a big table with your feet in the sand? 
  • Dad: They would all be with me! They would all be around the table with me, and they would all be having octopus and have their toes in the sand. 
  • Quinn: Even the vegans would be eating octopus? 
  • Dad: Everybody. The more people eating octopus the merrier.

Q4: How has lockdown effected your relationship with your children / has it made you realise anything? 

  • Dad: I’ve seen a lot more of them, which has obviously been very enjoyable, but I’m not more bored of them. I wouldn’t say it has affected my overall relationship with them.

Q5: What’s your favourite beer?

  • Dad: Deya, Steady Rolling Man
  • Quinn: Very nice, an awesome local craft beer from Cheltenham, would you have a can of this at the beach with you on your perfect fathers day? 
  • Dad: I would have it on tap, I would have a man with a great tank of it filling my glass up. This would be my ideal Father’s Day, so I wouldn't just have one tiny little can, it would be massive with a great big tube coming out of it. 

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Cheers, the QWERTY Beer Box Team

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