Why Does Gifting Feel So Good?

We all know gifting feels great - But why?

As the Kings of gifting - the QWERTY team studied this and after some careful digging found the answer.

The act of gifting activates core areas of the brain associated with reward and pleasure

This was found and confirmed by the University of Arizona who studied peoples brain patterns when gifting to a family member, friend or loved one. 

That's why, once we've found the perfect beer gift for dad or craft beer gift for him we all feel so good. 

As part of our research we also found some pretty nice quotes touching on the more spiritual side of gifting:

    • Giving joy to others can uplift your own soul.
    • Happiness is found in giving, not receiving.
    • The smallest gift given with love and compassion is priceless.

Let us know which was your favourite and if you're on the hunt for a beer gift remember to check out QWERTY Beer Box.