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#QWERTYDadChats - Speaking To The Men Themselves

Our #QWERTYDadChats campaign has allowed us to chat from Dads all over the country and here are a few sneak peaks! Find out their dream Father's Day and the worst bit about being a Dad...

Your Perfect Father's Day?

It’s June, the sun is shining, English lockdown is set to end on the 21st and the world is looking up. For those of us lucky enough to still have our Dads in our lives, we also know that this means Father’s Day is just around the corner. 

This article gives you a sneak peak into our #QWERTYDadChats campaign, the option to get some free beer and a Dad's dream fathers day which involves an octopus and a tonne of sand... 

Pubs are back in town!

We’ve had quite a few people asking how we feel about pubs opening back up, this is our answer!

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