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Bristol, the Craft Beer Lovers Paradise? - Thought Piece by our Intern Barney

Why the Bristol Craft Beer Scene is Every Beer Lovers Paradise

At QWERTY we’re passionate about all things beer and nothing excites us more than the craft beer scene in Bristol. Bristol’s diverse population is reflected in its vast array of high-quality craft beer. Its beer scene incorporates a combination of independent smaller breweries and globally established breweries. The beer scene in Bristol has something for everyone whether it be tap takeovers on King St, the most densely pub populated street in England or Bristol Craft Beer Festival, the scene is fiercely unique and independent which is why it attracts so many people from all over. If you’re a beer fan it’s paradise and if you’re not, well you will be by the end of this article!


There are around 15 craft breweries in Bristol; Arbor, Dawkins, Tapestry, Moor, Good Chem, Bristol Beer Factory and New Bristol Brewery to name a few. This good-natured rivalry has fostered a community-focused beer scene that attracts punters from all over. Their notorious annual Bristol beer week involves activities like the ‘East Bristol Beer Trail’ where punters follow a trail situated between Temple Meads and Lawrence Hill stations whereby customers get the chance to explore different local independent Bristol breweries and sample a variety of different craft beers. This exciting and vibrant culture is one of the cities biggest attractions, to the extent customers can pick up a Bristol Craft Beer Map from the Bristol tourist office which lists 39 different pubs and 16 different breweries that tourists are encouraged to visit. 

King St in itself is one the largest attractions in Bristol, being the most densely pub populated street in England it attracts an assortment of individuals, whether you are looking for a pub crawl, casual drink or just to simply sample the infamous beer scene in Bristol. It’s historic cobbled streets which are brimming with pubs and breweries which each boast a unique atmosphere and overall offering. Providing a vast array of quality choices it's the perfect getaway for any beer lover. 

Bristol’s craft beer festival is renowned amongst all beer enthusiasts, it demonstrates why Bristol is at the forefront of the craft beer scene and reflects the enthusiasm and creativity of the local breweries alongside its customers. The beer establishments involved include Arbor, Wiper & True, Lost & Grounded, Left Handed Giant and many more, hence, customers will be spoilt for choice. 

Over at QWERTY, we’re massive fans of the Bristol craft beer scene, we believe much of their values aligns with ours, we don’t simply offer a product, we offer an experience, we try and provide an experience that is both unique and personalised as we recognize as individuals we are all unique and we all have different tastes and at QWERTY we try and accommodate all of these.

Our personalised ‘Best of Bristol’ beer hamper is incredibly popular, as it should be! We do our best to incorporate a variety of both lagers and ales from breweries situated all over Bristol which we truly believe will give drinkers an authentic taste of the quirky and exciting craft beer scene of Bristol. Whether it be fathers day, Christmas, birthdays or just general celebration QWERTY beer box is the perfect personalised gift for dads, grandads, brothers, sons and mums! Check out our latest version >> here <<. 


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