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Premium Pale Ale & IPA Hamper

 Siren Craft Brew | Lumina | IPA (4.2%) | Finchampstead, Berkshire (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

The Brewery: Since 2013, Founder Darron and his team have been on a mission to share the diverse world of beer flavours, one sip at a time with top-quality ingredients, no compromise. They brewed a staggering number of different brews and each beer tells a story.

The Beer: Lumina, a radiant 4.2% Session IPA, is a beacon of tropical goodness. With hoppy hints of mango and pineapple, it leads you to a burst of juicy flavour, sprinkled with exciting citrus highlights. This brew is like a soft, hazy epiphany with a glowing hop profile (Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, Chinook, Azacca, Simcoe)


Powderkeg Brewery | Speak Easy (4.3%) | Pale Ale | Devon (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

The Brewery: With strong influences from the US craft and European classic brewing scene, John and his team add their own unique twist to make contemporary English beers. Their ‘Modern English’ style and the meticulous brewing techniques prove popular with drinkers from all walks of life, both craft enthusiasts and more traditional drinkers.

The Beer: This Transatlantic Pale possesses a strong British influence. Chinook, Palisade and Citra hops give a strong fruity taste and its sessionable ABV makes it easy to drink.   We enjoyed the dry clean finish and the well balanced bitterness.


St. Ives Brewery | Hella (4.2%) | Pale Ale | Cornwall (Vegan)

The Brewery: St Ives Brewery, where the Cornish coast has inspired their craft beer since 2010. It’s rare to see someone mastering both their more traditional range as well as their modern heavily hopped craft beers. This earned Marco and the team their recent move to a bigger site, nonetheless their original site nestled at the top of the stunning seaside town of St. Ives is still well worth a visit.

The Beer: Hella is a ‘hella nice’ golden pale ale - as fresh and sessionable as it gets. Marco likens Hella to ‘a storm approaching from the west’, the slightly bitter aftertaste ‘heightening senses and awakening instincts’. Overall a very refreshing pale packed with summer fruit flavours.


Moor Beer Co | Revival | Session Bitter (3.8%) | Bristol, Somerset (Vegan)

The Brewery: In 2007 Californian Justin, purchased the dormant Moor brewery and decided to kickstart the flagging UK craft beer scene. Their brew style follows the German ‘naturtrub’ (natural hazy) approach which led to the creation of Britain's first vegan beer. Add to this the British tradition of secondary refermentation and the American flavour-forward techniques and you are left with uniquely dynamic beers.

The Beer: Here we have a modern American-style twist on a classic session bitter. With American yeast and hops, it still keeps that British ale charm. It's an unfiltered, unpasteurised, and unfined delight, meant to be enjoyed at 12 degrees. At 3.8%, it's a true session champion.


Signature | Roadie | IPA (4.3%) | London (Vegan)

The Brewery: Signature is redefining the brewery experience, fusing fantastic beer, music, people, passion, and creativity. They're inviting us all to go and join them in the world of flavour and rhythm - see you there!

The Beer: A reliable companion. This all-night IPA, beloved by grafters packs a punch of citrusy goodness, with grapefruit and lime notes. Here's to the unsung heroes of venues, bars, and festivals. It also went and won a SIBA Gold Award- in the Canned Pale Ale category!


Firebrand Brewing | West Coast Session IPA (4.2%) | IPA | Cornwall (Vegan)

The Brewery: Having started in 2012, Stephen, Joe and the team (including 2 dogs) have recently outgrown the Bodmin converted milking parlour where it all began. Their new space has a stylish taproom overlooking the brewery space where they’re hosting fun events.

The Beer: This refreshing easy drinking IPA has become a true crowd pleaser for Firebrand. Beyond its deep golden colour, it impresses with a crisp citrus-fruity taste. It’s got a lovely aroma and a good amount of Mosaic and Equanot hops in there - making it an all-around great beer.


Frome Brewing | Hazy Daisy | Pale Ale (4%) | Frome, Somerset (Vegan)

The Brewery: Frome Brewing is on a fascinating journey led by owner and head brewer Rik. Given their small team, they offer a large variety of high-quality delicious beers. They experiment a lot and manage to balance delicate flavours. Their can designs are fantastic and every beer has a very personal story behind it.

The Beer: A hazy, juicy English Pale Ale with a light amber glow. Let the aromas of mango and grapefruit from the Citra, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hop blend captivate you. On the palate, citrus and tropical fruit before our favourite bit - the clean, bitter and dry aftertaste.


Salcombe Brewery | Salcombe Pale | Pale Ale (4.6%) | Kingsbridge, Devon (Not Vegan)

The Brewery: The founders John and Gerry purchased the brewery in 2016 after more than 30 years of holidaying in Salcombe. We were impressed by the state-of-the-art brewing equipment which attracts many visitors and allows them to brew such a variety of award-winning tasty brews.

The Beer: Embrace the zesty charm of a 4.6% Pale Ale. With a nod to Salcombe's past in fruit trade, it's bursting with orange and grapefruit aromas. Dry-hopped with Summit & Simcoe, this robust, full-bodied brew offers a complex burst of flavour. The experts among you might pick out the exotic anise aroma.


Forest Road | Ride | Pale Ale (4.6%) | London (Vegan + Gluten Free)

The Brewery: At Forest Road, they keep it real. No big investors or corporate ties. They started brewing in an East London garden (well worth checking out their 'About Us' video on their website - narrated by Jack Whitehall of all people). They've always focused on crafting top-quality beer and went all the way to America to get their recycled brew kit - serious dedication. Incredible stuff - incredible beers!

The Beer: Fresh scents of passion fruit burst will burst from the can as you take your first sip. On the tongue, vibrant carbonation heightens the fruity notes, enhanced by subtle sweetness and a hint of warmth. The finale? Zesty lemon and a satisfying dry, crisp bitterness. Delicious!


Crate | Pale | Pale Ale (4.5%) | London (Vegan)

The Brewery: Crate, founded in 2012 in the midst of the Olympics, found its unique home in The White Building in Hackney Wick. This creative space emerged through collaboration with the local creative community, using upcycled materials, and embodying the area's creative spirit. Partnering with Purity Brewing, they now brew their core beer range sustainably. Alongside their beers, they also offer a seriously naughty pizza - we strongly recommend you check it out!

The Beer: A delightful, well-balanced brew born from relentless experimentation. It marries malty sweetness with vibrant hop character, creating a beer that consistently satisfies. Enjoy a super fresh pale ale with hints of shortbread complemented by the enticing aroma of gooseberry and grape hops.



Former Features:

Wild Card | Pale | American Pale Ale (4.3%) | London (Not Vegan + Not Gluten Free)

The Brewery:
Wild Card Brewery, born in 2012 at Walthamstow's Ravenswood Industrial Estate, started as a beloved local bar. The brewery, led by Jaega, was busy refining old recipes and creating new ones. With two award-winning beers by 2017, demand grew. Thus, in 2018, they expanded to Lockwood Way, doubling their capacity. Today, Wild Card Brewery also boasts two tap rooms in Walthamstow - a truly incredible journey that started from a humble shed.

The Beer: A 4.3% Pale Ale, bursting with Citra, Ekuanot, and Cascade hops. Enjoy the harmonious blend of citrus and tropical fruit flavours in this refreshing, hoppy brew.


Wimbledon Brewery | Pale | West Coast Pale Ale (4.2%) | London (Vegan)

The Brewery: Today’s Wimbledon Brewery can be characterised in very similar terms to the one described above. Our logo incorporates the image of the tower, the phoenix and barley and hops, representing our heritage and our focus on using only the best ingredients. We are custodians of the heritage and traditions of beer brewing, whilst also inspiring the new generation of beer drinkers and brewers.

The Brewery: You may be able to tell from their logo, featuring the tower, the phoenix, barley, and hops - but Wimbledon Brewery has a serious heritage. The logo reflects their rich heritage and unwavering commitment to using top-quality ingredients and we can tell this from the beers. They embrace their beer brewing traditions whilst sparking inspiration in the new generation of beer enthusiasts and brewers.


Frome Brewing | Riwaka (5.6%) | Pale Ale | Somerset

The Brewery: Frome Brewing is on a fascinating journey led by owner and head brewer Rik. Given their small team, they offer a large variety of high-quality delicious beers. They experiment a lot and manage to balance delicate flavours. Their can designs are fantastic and every beer has a very personal story behind it.

The Beer: A Pacific Pale named after the New Zealand hop used to brew it - Riwaka. Its taste is quite unique - a fine mix of citrusy taste and sweetness. It has a subtle bitter finish which we find very enjoyable!


Mr.Filbert’s | Salt Crust Peanuts | Somerset

The Story: Specialising in interesting, hand crafted snacks, South West based Mr.Filberts has won over 40 taste awards and is the perfect snack to accompany our independent South West craft beer selection.                                                                                            

The Snack: Did you know peanuts were first discovered in South America over 3500 years ago? The infamous salted peanut came to town in 1952 and it’s been a loyal wing-man to beer ever since. So when it came to finding a snack for our South West selection, peanuts were high on the list and this salt crusted nut hit the spot, we think you’ll agree! 

All the beers in this selection are suitable for vegans and should be enjoyed chilled (6-10 °c)